quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2004

Down, down, down.

Nem sei direito o que dizer.
nem mesmo se alguém ainda lê isso aqui.

bom, pra evitar falar besteiras aqui, segue um trechinho interessante de Dlance, uma das tantas lições de vida que podem ser encontradas nas entrelinhas:

Reaching across the table, Laurana took hold of her son's hand. "I understand how hard is to accept the responsibility for thousands of lives. I know what you face. You will have to tell those who come to you for answers that all you have are questions. You will have to tell the despairing that you have hope, when despair is heavy in your own heart. You will bid the terrified to have courage when inside you are shivering with fear. It would take great courage to face the dragon, my son, and admire and honor you for showing that courage, but such courage is paltry compared to the courage that will be required of you to lead your people into the future, a future of uncertainty and danger."

"What if I can't, Mother?" Gilthas has forgotten anyone else was there. These two spoke only to each other. "What if I fail them?"

"You will fail, my son. You will fail time and again. I failed those who followed me when I put my own wants over their needs. Your father failed his friends when he abandoned them while he pursued his love for the Dragon Highlord Kitiara."

Laurana smiled tremulously. Her eyes shimmered with tears. "You are the child of imperfect parents, my son. You will stumble and fall to your knees and lie bruised in the dust, as we did. You will only truly fail if you remain lying in the dust. If you regain your feet and continue, you will make of that failure a success."

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